If you made valid payments in the past with remita either at the bank or online with MasterCard or Visa card, you can always retrieve the receipt from Remita even if it’s 7 years ago. Even if you used different email address then

Step 1
Login to your portal and copy the remita number RRR correctly.

Step 2
Go to

Step 3
Click on Resend Receipt or Invoice
Or follow this link:

Step 4
Enter the RRR of the payment you need it’s receipt.

Step 5A
If you used valid email during that payment choose “RE-SEND”

And click “SEND RECEIPT” and you’d receive the authentic receipt immediately.

Step 5B
If you want Remita to send the receipt to a different email address or new email address choose “RE-SEND TO ALTERNATE EMAIL”

i. Enter the new email address and click Next

ii. Enter your valid phone number and click Next

iii. Enter the amount paid, the amount for that Remita number and click Next

If you entered the correct amount you’d see the button “SEND RECEIPT”

iv. Click “SEND RECEIPT” and you’d receive the authentic receipt immediately.

Many have lost hope on retrieving their Remita receipts and knowing if their payments were received by NOUN. Here’s the solution. If you didn’t receive the receipt and you enter correct details, then it’s fake or wrong RRR.

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